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Club Access and Services

Club Access and Services There is 24 hour access to the club grounds, including the use of the hoist. Members will receive an access card that will allow them entry to the club 24/7 including holidays.

Members are expected to use the hoist responsibly and to seek the assistance of other members or staff until they become familiar with the equipment. It is the responsibility of each member to use the hoists correctly and safely.

At no additional charge, all members (except limited Members) are allowed to leave their vessels up to 10 days a month in designated spaces in the Miami Outboard Club premises, provided there is space available.

The Club has set aside approximately 25-30 spaces, including several wet slips for this purpose.

Once you become a member, you are also eligible to be placed in a waiting list for a permanent Wet Slip or Dry Space. Temporary spaces (month to month) may also be available at times.

About MocMiami

Founded in April of 1938, with the general purpose and objective of the furtherance of boating and all of its allied activities. It also intended to foster a spirit of friendship and fellowship

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Community Events

Kid's fishing tournament
Disability gala
Senior's thanksgiving
Senior christmas

MOC Events

Installation night
Pig roast competition
Kid's easter
Tiki bash
Dolphin derby
Bimini outing
Boca chita outing
Kid's halloween
Adult's halloween
Kid's christmas
New year's eve

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