Regular Membership

Regular Membership of the club shall consist of people of good character and community standing; who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States; over the age of 21, and have an active interest in the objects and purpose of this club. There shall be a maximum total of 428 Regular members.

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Limited Membership

A limited membership shall not be entitled to boat storage or dockage on a permanent or temporary basis, nor to use the boat hoist or ramp, nor to vote in elections or hold office in the club. Nor have an access card or key to facilites. Otherwise other privileges of the Club. .

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Junior Membership

Any current regular or lifetime member in good standing in the MOC with a child at least 15 years of age but under 21, may apply for a junior membership on behalf of his/her child.

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Life Membership

Any regular member in good standing having belonged to the club as a regular member for 10 or more years consecutively and is 65 years or older, will be eligible for life membership.

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About MocMiami

Founded in April of 1938, with the general purpose and objective of the furtherance of boating and all of its allied activities. It also intended to foster a spirit of friendship and fellowship

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Community Events

Kid's fishing tournament
Disability gala
Senior's thanksgiving
Senior christmas

MOC Events

Installation night
Pig roast competition
Kid's easter
Tiki bash
Dolphin derby
Bimini outing
Boca chita outing
Kid's halloween
Adult's halloween
Kid's christmas
New year's eve

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